Most people at some point in their lives wrongly diagnose their own skin. You may have bought numerous skincare products in the past but have been disappointed with their effects, this is because you have probably been using the wrong product that is not suited to your skin type and its needs.

Mistakes like this can be expensive. The advanced software that the SkinScope provides will allow your beauty therapist to design a bespoke corrective treatment plan and homecare prescription so you will never make a mistake again!

The SkinScope is a computerised skin analysis system, which uses a highly advanced camera scope capable of accurately ananysing your skin whilst measuring its needs.

Read Your Skin's Moisture Levels

Read Your Skin's Oil Level

Read Your Skin's Pore Size

Test Your Skin's Elasticity

Test Your Skin's Smoothness

Test Your Skin's Transparency

Test Your Skin's Sensitivity

Read Your Skin's Wrinkle Depths

Create Your Bespoke Skin Type Analysis and Description from your Readings and Results.

Create You A Bespoke Corrective Salon Treatment Guide.

Create You A Bespoke Corrective Homecare Prescription.

Show you Before and After Results of Your Skin!

all this for Just £25.00

£25 redeemable off three or more products or a course of Facials booked and paid for on the day of your Analysis!


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