LPG Endermolift


LPG has invented the only anti-ageing technique capable of stimulating the natural synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid by 80%. Endermolift is the only technology in the world capable of this!

  • Reverse your skin's natural ageing process

  1. Hyaluronic Acis for volume and skin hydration

  2. Collagen for stength and firmness

  3. Elastin for suppleness

  • Targeted and Rapid Anti-Ageing Treatments

  • Drains Toxins

  • Reduces puffiness and dark circles

  • Fills wrinkles for redensifying effect

  • Natural lifting effect

  • Restore Volume

  • Firm and Reshape Facial Contours

  • Improve skin brightness/radiance activation

  • Reduction of Double Chin

  • Personalised programme to suit your needs!

  • Fast and efficient, ENDERMOLIFT TREATMENTS are easy to fit into your lifestyle!

  • Scientific breakthrough - Your skin is REJUVENATED FROM WITHIN!!!!

Treatment Price

For Firmness/Sagging Skin

Lines and Wrinkles, Double Chin and Slimming Facial Contours

30 minutes of Endermolift

Course of 10





For Drainage/Puffiness &Dark Circles

20 minutes of Endermolift

Course of 10




For Radiance &Improve Skin Brightness

15 minutes of Endermolift



Express Endermolift

Target Areas - Forehead/Eye Circles and Puffiness/Eye Wrinkle/Mouth/Jawline

Double Chin/Neck/Decollete/Bust and Hands

10 minutes of Endermolift

Course of 10

2 Target Areas

Course of 10








All of the above can be combined with other Beauty Benefits Facials  








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