Nouveau Eye Lash Extensions

Nouveau lashes is a state-of-the-art, semi-permanent eyelash extensions treatment for women (and men!) who want to lengthen their lashes and define their. Wearers of these beautiful, well defined lashes can shower, exercise and even swim without worrying about them falling out.

It has been carefully developed by experts to produce longer, thicker and very natural looking lashes that can last up to an amazing six weeks with infill 2-3 weeks apart.

Treatment Price
Full set lash extensions - 30 Lashes 76.90
Full set lash extensions - 40 Lashes 85.00
Full set lash extensions - 50 Lashes 100.00
Infills 35.00 - 75.00
Extension Removal FREE
Express Lashes - Short or Medium Lashes attached to your natural Lashes to give a glamourous look! 20.50
Express Lashes - Removal 5.15

Removal of other lashes                                                                                                                           10.25


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